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This site is dedicated to the sights, landmarks and attractions of Belarus, as well as the rich architectural, cultural, historical and natural heritage of this country. The site can also be viewed as a tourist guide to Belarus. At the moment the site is filled with materials. Already added materials easiest way to keep track on the map of Belarusian sights and attractions.


Video about sights and attractions of Belarus:

We would like to bring to your attention the YouTube channel VEDAJ.BY dedicated to tourist sights, attractions, landmarks and tourism in Belarus. On this channel, as well as on this site, hundreds of Belarusian sights and attractions have already been described. All new materials on the site are accompanied by videos that are also published on our channel. Subscribe to YouTube channel VEDAJ.BY, there will be a lot of interesting and high-quality materials about the sights and attractions of Belarus.


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Map of Belarusian sights and attractions:

We present the map of Belarusian sights and attractions to readers. It is marked with all sights and attractions of Belarus described on the site. Looking at this map of Belarusian sights and attractions you can always create your little trip around the sights and attractions of the country, and so that it begins and ends where you need, and it lasts for as much as you can afford.


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