About the project


Basic project information

Vedaj.by is a full-fledged information resource dedicated to the sights, history, architecture and culture of Belarus. The site Vedaj.by can also be considered as a detailed travel guide for Belarus. The site will be interesting to all tourists and travelers in Belarus, as well as those who are interested in the sights and cultural and historical heritage of Belarus. The site Vedaj.by is to some extent also a reference to the history of many architectural monuments of Belarus.

So, this site can be very interesting and useful as a travel guide for Belarus, as a kind of guide to the country. Tourists and travelers who are interested in Belarus and its architectural, cultural and spiritual heritage can use this site to find out where else to go and what else to see in the vastness of this beautiful country. Belarusians will be able to rediscover their native country because most of you, dear readers, are surely unaware of the existence of many beautiful historical and architectural monuments and interesting sights that Belarus keeps in itself.

The Vedaj.by project was created in order to collect, systematize and provide wide access to information about the sights and cultural and historical heritage of Belarus in different languages so that not only Belarusians can learn about our country, its beauty, and rich historical, cultural and natural heritage, but also residents of other countries. Word “Vedaj” - it is translated from the Belarusian language as: Know. When familiarizing themselves with the site, readers will be able to independently draw up their own tourist travel plan for Belarus, guided by personal interests, opportunities, and plans, and not follow standard sightseeing routes.

For many years, the author of the project personally visited several thousand cities, villages and other objects in Belarus (many of them for several times) and gathered for readers as much interesting information about Belarus as he could. Without stopping traveling around Belarus and accumulating information, the author of the project is also constantly working on filling this site, and will be happy to provide all this information to the reader, with the hope that you will be interested in this help portal.



The site Vedaj.by will be glad to cooperate with qualified art historians, local historians, historians and other people who are involved in the preservation and revival of the historical and cultural heritage of Belarus. Therefore, if you notice a mistake on the site or you can clarify the information provided or want to add a photo, as well as if you have other information that is not presented on the site but interesting about Belarus, its sights, historical, architectural and cultural heritage, and you are ready to share this information, as well as for any other questions, please, write to the mail (before writing to the mail about the use of photos, videos and text materials from this site, please read the information below):



Project assistance

You can help the Vedaj.by project in the following ways:

  • You can become a member of our YouTube channel (learn more).
  • Find and fix errors on the site (write about the error directly in the comments to the article with the error or write by mail).
  • Add your drawings and photos or other information about Belarus, its sights, cultural, historical and architectural heritage to the site (send by mail).
  • Place on your website or blog a text link to the main page of our website, or one of our banners (more information).
  • Share information about us or our content with your friends on social networks.
  • Support us with a kind words on this page.
  • If you have interesting ideas and suggestions, then you can also help the project in any other way (write by mail).


Terms of use of materials from this site

General terms:

Using photos, videos and text materials from this site in circumvention of the rules below is strictly prohibited. If you intend to use materials from this site, please carefully read the rules provided. In case of any use of photos, videos and text materials presented on this site (as well as any parts or fragments thereof), it is necessary to indicate the origin and/or author of the materials used, observing the requirements of the copyright holder, which are given below. Wherein:

  • If you will use materials from this site in compliance with these requirements, then you are not required to request additional permission from the author, and you can start using it.
  • If you use any materials from this site in violation of the requirements below, this will mean that you are violating the rights of the copyright holder. Violation of these rights is punishable by law.
  • If you are not sure whether your method of using materials from this site meets the wishes of the author demonstrated below, then write to the mail and request a separate individual permission.

Requirements and rules for using the text materials:

If you want to use text materials from this site on another site or in a mobile application, you must ensure that there is a direct active hyperlink to this site from the page on your site where the material used or any fragment of it is published. Moreover, such links from your site to this site must meet the following requirements:

  1. Links should be clearly visible to readers of your site. They should be designed so that the reader understands that these are links to the source of information. Such links are placed on each page of your site, where texts from this site are used.
  2. The link is given exactly to that page of this site (source of information) from where the relevant information is taken. It is permissible, but undesirable, also to indicate a link to the main page of this site.
  3. At the same time, links should be direct, and should not contain any tags that prevent their indexing. By no other means, links should not try to hide the path to this site from search robots or users.
  4. Links must be posted on an ongoing basis and must be active as long as the information from this site is published on your site. This means that links should not be in any way temporary.

If you want to use text materials from this site in any print media (books, photo albums, newspapers, magazines, etc.), you must indicate the origin and authorship of the materials used (or fragments thereof) in the following text: “Travel Guide for Belarus VEDAJ.BY”. Wherein:

  1. If the format of the printed publication severely limits your possibilities, and you cannot afford such a long wording, then you can limit yourself simply to the name of this site, this means the text: “VEDAJ.BY”.
  2. The text indicating the authorship of the materials used should be designed in such a way that readers of your publication can correctly and unequivocally interpret it, easily notice, read and perceive, as well as clearly understand that this is a source of information.

Requirements and rules for using the photos:

The requirements below apply equally to photographs published on the website, as well as screenshots of videos published on the website. Why would you not want to use a photo from this site (for your site or for a print publication), you should know that:

  • From this site you can use only those photos whose horizontal size is greater than or equal to 1400 pixels. If the width of an image is less than 1400 pixels, then using such a photo for any of your purposes is strictly prohibited. This is very important and essential.
  • You can use screenshots from any videos published on this site, even if you get a screenshot with a horizontal size smaller than 1400 pixels.
  • It is also forbidden to use those images published on this site on which copyright of third-party authors or sources is already affixed, since permission to use these photos must be requested from their authors. It should be noted, however, that all photos falling into this category have a horizontal size of fewer than 1400 pixels on this site, so you only need to pay attention to observing the first condition from this list.

If you use a photo, image, screenshot from a video from this site or any part or fragment thereof on your site or in your mobile application, it would be highly desirable for you to ensure that there is a direct active hyperlink to the source, which means to this site, on each of those pages where the materials used will be published. At the same time, there are two ways to create links:

  1. When photos from other sites are used on the site, a small, but still separate and noticeable link is made under each such photo.
  2. It is also permissible to design a single link to this site from that page of your site where several photos are used at once.

The rest of the links indicating the origin and authorship of images should meet the same requirements as the links indicating the origin and authorship of text materials (see above).

If you don’t have the technical ability to place active hyperlinks in one of the two ways listed above on your site, or if you intend to use photos or screenshots from the video from this site in any print media (books, photo albums, newspapers, magazines, etc.), in a word, always when you for some reason cannot make an active link to a source, then you must:

  • Place a clearly visible and easily readable inscription “© VEDAJ.BY” or simply “VEDAJ.BY” directly on each image used or its fragment is taken from this site, and only publish the images in this form.
  • At the same time, such inscriptions should be designed so that your readers or visitors can unambiguously, correctly and unequivocally interpret, perceive and understand that this is an image source.
  • In the case of a print publication, it is also permissible to place the inscription “© VEDAJ.BY” or “VEDAJ.BY” not on top of the image used, but in the immediate vicinity of it.

Requirements and rules for using the videos:

The following rules apply to the use of video materials presented on the VEDAJ.BY website and on the YouTube channel of the same name:

  • You can freely, without additional links and without additional attribution, post videos from the VEDAJ.BY YouTube channel on your sites. Moreover, the author of this site will be grateful to you for publishing the video from this channel on your site, as this will help you to essentially support this project.
  • In this case, it is important to observe only one condition: the video must be posted and broadcast on your site precisely and directly from the VEDAJ.BY YouTube channel.
  • Under no circumstances can you download a certain video from this channel, and then publish this video on your behalf on your channel on YouTube, on any other video hosting service, on your website or broadcast using any streaming service. Any video downloaded from the VEDAJ.BY YouTube channel is prohibited in any way from republishing or broadcasting using any Internet resources.
  • Nevertheless, for a vivid (and not the Internet) audience, it is allowed to broadcast video from the VEDAJ.BY YouTube channel (in cafes and restaurants, in transport, during presentations, among friends and so on). In this case, it is desirable that the video is played over the Internet directly from the YouTube channel VEDAJ.BY. However, if it is not technically possible to play the video over the Internet, then you can also broadcast previously downloaded videos from the VEDAJ.BY YouTube channel. In doing so, the following requirements must be observed:
    • Videos should not be edited. If possible, they should be reproduced in their entirety, together with the opening and/or ending captions. The picture should be reproduced as a whole without cropping.
    • Playback and broadcasting of videos for a live audience should be organized in such a way that it is obvious to viewers that this content was created as part of the VEDAJ.BY project.
  • Also, you can use video fragments from the VEDAJ.BY YouTube channel in your videos, however:
    • The fragments used should be proportionately very, very short in relation to the length of your video and not constitute a key or even significant role in your video. Your video should be copyrighted, its main idea should not coincide with the main idea of the video used (the video from which you want to take a fragment).
    • In all the videos on the VEDAJ.BY channel, in the lower-left corner of the image there is always the inscription “VEDAJ.BY”. If you want to use some fragment of such a video in your video, then you must definitely keep this caption in this fragment. If for some reason you are forced to get rid of it (cut out part of the picture), then you yourself must add a small, but noticeable similar inscription to the entire section of the video where borrowed fragments are used.
    • When publishing your finished video (if one is provided for), you must necessarily indicate in the text part of the description of the video an active link to that original video, fragments of which were used in your video. It is advisable to explain this link with any adequate text.
    • If your video has end credits, and at the same time fragments of video from the VEDAJ.BY channel were used in it, then, in addition to your other information, in the credits you can also place gratitude for the materials used or any other adequate text to the VEDAJ.BY project.
  • If you want to use only screenshots from the video from the YouTube channel VEDAJ.BY, then all questions regarding the rules for their use are described in the section on using photos from this site. Screenshots from videos from this site are equated to photos from the site, and the same terms of use apply to them (see above).