About the project

Vedaj.by - is a project dedicated to the architecture and culture of Belarus, created to collect, organize and provide access to information about the architecture and culture of Belarus in different languages, so that our country, its beauty and rich historical heritage can learn not only Belarusians, but also residents of other countries. Vedaj - translated from the Belarusian language as: "Know".

Also, our site can be very interesting and useful as an online travel guide to Belarus, as a kind of guide to the country. All people interested in Belarus and its architectural, cultural and spiritual heritage is now always know where else to go, and what else to see in the spaces of our beautiful homeland. Belarusians will be able to rediscover their home country, because we are sure that most of you, dear readers, do not know about the existence of a tenth of those monuments that keeps Belarus.

The authors of the project for many years personally visited more than 1,000 towns, villages and other facilities in Belarus and raised to the reader so much interesting information about Belarus as they could, and now we have created this site, and we will be happy to provide all this information to the reader, and we hope, that you will be interested in our resource.

If you notice an error on the site, or you can specify here or add a photo and if you have some interesting information about Belarus and its historical, architectural and cultural heritage, and you are ready with this information to share, as well as any other questions please write to e-mail:


Site Vedaj.by be glad to cooperate with qualified art historians, ethnographers, historians and others who are involved in the preservation and restoration of historical and cultural image of Belarus. We are willing to publish your articles, reviews, reports, photos and other works.


You can help project Vedaj.by by the following ways:

  1. Find and fix mistakes on the site (write about mistakes right in the comments to the article with error or by e-mail).
  2. Add your images and photos, music, movies, information and articles about Belarus and its cultural, historical and architectural heritage to the site (send an email).
  3. Directly participate in the creation of the resource. We need translators into English and Polish, designer and PHP-programmer, as well as the authors of material (please contact us).
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