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We present map of Belarusian sights to readers. It is marked with all sights of Belarus described on the site. In Belarus, it doesn’t make sense to travel to one sight at the moment; Belarusian sights are often not surrounded by a proper tourist infrastructure to stay nearby for more than a couple of hours. In Belarus, it makes sense to travel on tourist routes and see a few sights for a day. But in Belarus, standard tourist routes are counted mainly on dwellers of the capital or regional centers. But not all people live there. Moreover, not everyone can afford to travel purposefully on one of the tourist routes; may be there isn’t enough time or equipment. However, all people move periodically from one town or village to another, and often ask, "Where to go on the weekend?"

Our "map of independent traveler in Belarus" was created for these people. The fact is that no matter where you start your journey, and where you are going to in Belarus (even because of your personal affairs), you will surely pass by a large number of sights. For those people who do not want to miss these sights and want to visit them by the way, we created our map of Belarusian sights. Also, this map for active tourism in Belarus can be useful to any inhabitant of Belarus and foreign tourist, no matter where he lives. Looking at this map of Belarusian sights you can always create your little trip around the sights of the country, and so that it begins and ends where you need, and it lasts for as much as you can afford. And you can always be sure not to miss anything meaningful in that part of the country you visited.


How to use the map of Belarusian sights and attractions:

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On the map of Belarusian sights a star indicates the main objects in each locality. There is only one object in every village, which is designated by a star. It is the most valuable in terms of history and architecture to this locality. Circle on the map of Belarusian sights indicates the additional objects in the same locality. “Additional” doesn’t mean “uninteresting”, so just the second after the main; such a designation was created not to cover all map of Belarusian sights with only indications on a large scale (because Belarus have a lot of sights). Also, all objects are divided into three levels of importance:

  • Red color indicates the objects that have to be visited by all inhabitants of Belarus, and, if it is possible, in the first place it should be visited by foreign tourists. These are outstanding objects on the background of the Belarusian historical and architectural heritage.
  • Orange color means also very important and significant for Belarus objects. There are a lot of them, so to visit all can be difficult, but it is advisable.
  • Yellow color represents other interesting sights in Belarus, which you can visit if you travel somewhere nearby.

As individual colors represents objects:

On the map objects is divided into six layers:

  • Outstanding objects (Выбітныя аб'екты);
  • Important objects (Важныя аб'екты);
  • Interesting objects (Цікавыя аб'екты);
  • Additional objects (Дадатковыя аб'екты);
  • Other places of interest (Іншыя цікавыя месцы);
  • Natural heritage (Прыродная спадчына).

Layers can be turned on and off by using the menu in the upper left corner of the map. Thus, we suggest the following algorithm to work with a map of Belarusian sights:

  1. Turning off layer "Additional objects" you can browse the map of Belarusian sights on a large scale. At the same time each town will be displayed by a single star (main object), and its color will indicate the degree of importance of this town or village.
  2. Staying on a large scale you can also turn off the second and/or third layer ("Important objects" and "Interesting objects") if you do not have time or desire to visit these areas. You can also turn off the first layer (the "Outstanding objects") if you have already visited all the outstanding sights of the Belarusian historical and architectural heritage.
  3. Thus you slowly think over the route of your upcoming trip to the spirit: what towns and villages to visit at all.
  4. Then you will need to reduce the scale of the map of Belarusian sights, i. e. to bring it closer, and turning on the layer of "Additional objects" to look, what else can be important and you need to look in the selected towns and villages.

Additional objects is located on a separate layer, because each city corresponds to one star on a large scale (the map is not composed of only indications), the color of which characterizes the importance of the main object of this city, and the entire city at all. But it does not mean that there are no other significant sights in this city. On the contrary, there often are, and you must visit them if you pass by this city.

To come from the map of Belarusian sights to detailed description of locality or other place on the website, just click on the main subject of this town (village), i.e. the star, and click on the link posted in the description of this object, then if it is necessary, switch to your language version using flags in the upper right corner of the page.


Using on a mobile device:

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In order to get the fastest possible access to the map of Belarusian sights with the mobile device:

  • on your mobile device open this page, and then the map in full screen mode using the button in the top right corner of the map:

  • most modern devices offer you two ways to proceed: open the map in a browser, or open the map in application Google Maps (an application must be installed and updated to the latest version);
  • If you choose Google Maps, that our map is automatically saved to the section "Your place" in this app, and you will always be available in a few clicks. At the same time you will get a number of advantages:
    • Internet connection you will need only to download the information about the object, and the map itself may be previously stored in the offline or cache. Internet traffic will be minimal.
    • You can get directions to the facility, as well as use other convenient functions of the application Google Maps, for example, look for infrastructure facilities near the tourist attractions shown on the map.
    • There really is a small chance that certain elements of the map are displayed is not quite correct comments, but nevertheless completely true.
  • If you open the map in a browser, you will not be superfluous to continue to maintain open the page in the browser bookmarks. Then, when the next time you need a map of attractions of Belarus just open this bookmark in the mobile browser. Wherein:
    • To use the map will always need an Internet connection. And the flow of Internet traffic is sufficiently large as the entire map will be loaded.
    • The advantages of this method of working with the map is that the map is always displayed on all devices are absolutely correct and that the map for use with no need to install additional applications.