Pahost-Zaharodski - is a village of Pinsk district, Brest region of Belarus. In the village Pahost-Zaharodski there is only one small architectural landmark. This is the Orthodox church of Saints Cyril and Methodius. This temple was built in the village Pahost-Zaharodski in 1779. Initially, he was at the disposal of the Catholic church. After the defeat of the uprising in 1863 the temple was returned to the Orthodox church. In the interwar period, when the village Pahost-Zaharodski was a part of Poland, the church was again transferred to Catholics. After the Second World War was again given to the Orthodox. Temple in the village Pahost-Zaharodski was substantially rebuilt in the late 19th century. Today this church is in excellent condition and is an interesting architectural monument, cultural and historical value and attraction of Belarus.