Mahiloŭcy - is a large village of Pruzhany district, Brest region of Belarus. In the village Mahiloŭcy remained only one small architectural landmark. Namely, the estate complex of the 18th century. Central to this manor complex covers directly the manor house, which even can be called a small palace. Built the palace was in the middle of the 18th century. In addition to the manor house, once the complex also includes a set of farm buildings and a park with ponds. All these objects are also partially preserved but are unattractive to tourists condition. Today in the manor complex Regional Psychiatric Hospital is located in the village Mahiloŭcy. But even so, the building of the manor house, much less all the other buildings in the complex are in a state far from the ideal. However, the estate complex in the village Mahiloŭcy is an architectural monument, cultural and historical value of Belarus. Perhaps, someday, the hospital will move out of this building, and is organized by restaurant and hotel complex or resort, then the manor in the village will become even Mahiloŭcy and interesting tourist attraction in Belarus, and while access to the house, on the contrary, is difficult.